Applications in Biology / Bioinformatics


As the genome sequencing projects proceed, scientists have gained access to tremendous amounts of biological information. Due to the difficulties inherent in understanding large quantities of data, information visualization techniques have become an attractive option for the field of bioinformatics. Using information visualization, researchers can see experimental results more clearly than by simply viewing raw numbers. This page highlights our work in presenting and interacting with these data.

Related Projects:

ProtAlign A 3-Dimensional Protein Alignment Assessment Tool Direct alignment editing in either 2D or 3D. Hooks for communicating with other applications such as DINAMO and RasMol.

PROFEEL: Low Cost Visual-Haptic Perceptualization of Protein Structure-Structure Alignments Design and different haptic and visual cues for presenting structural alignment information.

PROMUSE: A Prototype System for Multi-Media Visualization of Protein Structural Alignments Design and evaluation of different aural and visual cues for presenting structural alignment information.

Comparative Visualization of Protein Structure-Sequence Alignments Lego-like glyphs to represent amino acids. Use of comparative flow visualization methods for comparing structure-sequence alignments.


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