This page lists our research in the area of vector field visualization.


Related Projects:

Comparative Flow Visualization Comparative Flow Visualization -- including dense field comparison

Comparative Streamflow Visualization UFLOW -- a system for visualizing uncertainty in fluid flow.

Pseudo-LIC Going from streamlines to LIC, and back.

Stream Bubbles for Flow Visualization New technique for looking at vector fields.

Flow-guided Streamline Seeding Strategy Uses flow information to guarantee streamlines capture important features.

Animating 2D Flow Fields Talks about Texture Advection and Streamline Cycling.

Advecting Procedural Textures for 2D Flow Animation 2D and 3D procedural textures for advection.

3D Flow Visualization Using Texture Advection Texture advection of 3D flow fields.

Seeding Strategies for Hyperstreamlines Using anisotropy to specify regions for seeding hyperstreamlines.

Seeding Strategies for 3D Flow Data Templates for seeding 3D critical points.


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