Seeding Strategies for Hyperstreamlines


This paper presents two strategies for seeding hyperstreamlines in 3D symmetric tensor fields. The goal is to automate the process of generating seeding patterns to identify important hyperstreamline features. The first method is based on topology analysis of the tensor field to find degenerate regions. Then different seeding templates can be placed around these degenerate regions and sharp discontinuity of hyperstreamlines can be avoided. The second method is based on anisotropy measurements to optimize the seeding positions and density of hyperstreamlines to reduce visual cluttering. Additionally, user can place random distributed seeding points in the tensor field to ensure other minor hyperstreamline features are captured. The main advantage of these approaches is that the user is not required to have a knowledge of the tensor field in advance.


Download full paper (pdf) to appear in IASTED Computer Graphics and Imaging (CGIM) 2004.


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