UCSC's Volume Rendering Test Page

Summary of available Renderers:

Welcome to UCSC's Volume Rendering Test Page, brought to you by Craig Wittenbrink, Kwansik Kim, and Jeremy Story.

The purpose of this page is to allow the public a more available access to fast volume rendering algorithms on supercomputers.

The first example uses a modification of Phil Lacroute's Shearwarp algorithm and socket programming. This example is the fastest renderer so far and can be reached by CLICKING HERE . If you have a browser that can view JAVA, you can use the same renderer but with a JAVA INTERFACE.

The next example uses code originally developed by Craig and runs on UCSC's MASPAR. It is currently very slow because the MASPAR is time multiplexed, which causes a considerable time delay. This is the actual code that we are currently working on to speed up and hope to someday have it run very fast. To see this renderer, CLICK HERE.

Finally, we have some JAVA treats! With this rendering page we wish to have a very nice user interface (instead of the forms interface), which will be developed through the use of JAVA and VRML. Bill Lorensen wrote a JAVA APPLET that plays with prerendered images. Here is the same CODE that uses different images. Well you knew that we had to plug and play so here is our DATA SET using Bill's code!

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