Methods for Comparing 3D Surface Attributes


A common task in data analysis is to compare two or more sets of data, statistics, presentations, etc. A predominant method in use is side-by-side visual comparison of images. While straightforward, it burdens the user with the task of discerning the differences between the two images. The user is further taxed when the images are of 3D scenes.

This paper presents several methods for analyzing the location extent, magnitude, and manner in which surfaces in 3D differ in their attributes. The surface geometry are assumed to be identical and only the surface attributes (color, texture, etc.) are variable. As a case in point, we examine the differences obtained when a 3D scene is rendered incrementally using radiosity with different form factor calculation methods. The comparison methods include extensions of simple methods such as mapping difference information to color or transparency, and more recent methods including the use of surface texture and perturbation, adaptive placements of error glyphs, and animation.


A postscript version of the paper presented at the SPIE'96 conference on Visual Data Exploration and Analysis can be obtained by clicking here , or by anonymous ftp to then get pub/reinas/papers/


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