UFLOW: Visualizing Uncertainty in Fluid Flow


Uncertainty or errors are introduced in fluid flow data as the data is acquired, transformed and rendered. Although researchers are aware of these uncertainties, little has been done to incorporate them in the existing visualization systems for fluid flow. In the absence of integrated presentation of data and its associated uncertainty, the analysis of the visualization is incomplete at best and may lead to inaccurate or incorrect conclusions. This work presents UFLOW -- a system for visualizing uncertainty in fluid flow. Although there are several sources of uncertainties in fluid flow data, in this work, we focus on uncertainty arising from the use of different numerical algorithms for computing particle traces in a fluid flow. The techniques that we have employed to visualize uncertainty in fluid flow include uncertainty glyphs, flow envelopes, animations, priority sequences, twirling batons of trace viewpoints, and rakes. These techniques are effective in making the users aware of the effects of different integration methods and their sensitivity especially near critical points in the flow field.


This paper will appear in the Visualization'96 proceedings, and is available by clicking here , or by anonymous ftp to ftp.cse.ucsc.edu then get pub/reinas/papers/vis96.uflow.ps.gz.


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