Uncertainty Visualization of Hierarchical Information Structure
Using Reconfigurable Disc Trees


Uncertainty or errors are introduced into information visualization as data are collected, transformed and integrated. In the absence of integrated presentation of information and its associated uncertainty, the analysis of the visualization is incomplete at best, and may lead to inaccurate or incorrect conclusions. In this paper we present various techniques for visualizing uncertainty in hierarchical information structure using 3D reconfigurable disc trees (RDT). The reconfigurable properties inherent in 3D RDT allow users to exploit several static and dynamic visualization techniques such as cone shape reconfiguration and animation in a natural manner by embedding them in its underlying structure. We describe an implementation of our visualization system called VISIT (Visual Information System for reconfiguration dIsc Tree). It provides various interactive user interfaces which manipulate the information visualization together with uncertainty. Our information visualization with uncertainty shows a new open research area as well as provides a presentation of possible approaches for other information visualization techniques.


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