Web Visualization of Environmental Data


We describe our efforts in providing REINAS weather visualization products on demand through the web. As the REINAS research enterprise transition into operational mode, there is increasing demand for wide and effective distribution of results. To meet this demand, we provide weather products on the web as both images and VRML worlds. The viewer selects geographic extents and time range, as well as specific weather products. Data is then pulled out of the database based on the user's specifications and fed to the visualization tools to produce the image or VRML file. This paper describes the architecture of this end-to-end system for delivering sensor and forecast data through the database and to the public as visualization products.

Click on PET Slug for a description the REINAS visualization program.


If you have a java-enabled browser and have a VRML 2.0 plug-in, you can click here for an online demo.


A postscript version of the paper presented at the VRML'98 conference can be obtained by clicking here , or by anonymous ftp to ftp.cse.ucsc.edu then get pub/reinas/papers/vrml98.ps.gz.


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